Kasper Nyman – Freelance Visual Designer, Animator and Art Director

Born (1986) and bred in the northern part of Denmark, lives in Copenhagen with my wife and son. Ever since I can remember I always had the desire to be creative. Explore the possibilities of various crafts, and making sure I was having a blast in the process. I got hooked into motion graphics and art direction, because it is a way of working visually, experience a global market,  and creating something extraordinary in an ordinary world. In 2012 after 8 years full-time in various agencies, I decided to seek new challenges and felt that the freelance gig was right for me.

+45 2515 6110
Cities of Basketball

A personal photography project by yours truly. Pick-up basketball is being played at playgrounds and courts around the world. So much so, that for many, not only has it become a daily routine, but also a way of life. Rather than being a simple pastime, there are those who consider the court as a means to prove themselves and their skill. Others find joy in the sport and use these spaces as epicenters for a larger community. Check out the entire collection here.